A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned: Maintaining The Car You Have

Most of us heard the expression, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” shortly after we learned about the concept of money. Although it is most often attributed to Benjamin Franklin in the 1700s, the first known use of a similar phrase by George Herbert was actually about 100 years before. Either way, neither of them ever owned a car. In fact, if the practical Franklin could see the price of a car today, he just might generate his own electricity! Indeed, vehicles have become really expensive. The average price of a new car is more than $34,000. Since that’s the average, some vehicles are obviously much more expensive. You need your auto to get around–to your job, to buy groceries. What can you do? Perhaps the most cost-effective solution is to maintain the car you have so that it lasts a long time rather than having to purchase a new vehicle frequently. We can help. Blue Ridge Truck & Auto in Roanoke, Virginia, offers a full range of services and repairs that will keep your car performing at its best for the long haul.

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Auto on the Road Longer

While it is likely that your car will require more repairs as it ages, it is still more cost-effective to maintain the vehicle you have than to purchase a new one. According to Consumer Reports, it costs a car owner on average $83 per year to maintain a 3-year-old automobile (2017 model), $200 for one 5 years old (2015), and $458 for a 10-year-old vehicle (2010). Even if you’re maintaining that decade-old car, a single payment on a higher-end new car is likely more than a year’s worth of maintenance on the car you have. Some common routine care can greatly extend the longevity of your ride:

Oil is The Lifeblood

First, change your oil regularly. As motor oil ages, it loses its ability to properly lubricate the engine’s moving parts, absorb heat, and suspend debris, keeping it from rubbing against moving parts. Further, failure to change oil often leads to the build-up of engine sludge.

Keep Fluids Full

Also, make sure you keep sufficient amounts of fluids in your car, including antifreeze/coolant and power steering, transmission, and brake fluid.

Professional Inspection

Additionally, have a qualified professional inspect components such as the braking system, belts, and hoses regularly.

Check Tires and Alignment

Finally, keep your tires checked. Proper inflation and wheel alignment decrease abnormal tread wear, increase fuel economy, and improve the quality of your ride. Insufficient tread is a safety hazard, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Facts and figures are clear on paper, but when it’s your car and your money, it becomes real. Let Blue Ridge Truck & Auto in Roanoke, Virginia, help you maintain your vehicle, saving your hard-earned money and putting your pennies back into your pocket.