How to Get Better Gas Mileage in the Summer!

Save Costs During Summer

Cutting your budget doesn’t mean you have to give up driving your car. According to the AAA, the cost of driving is about 50 cents per mile. There are many ways to optimize your driving and auto repair to reduce this number so you can survive the summer season. Here are some of the tips that we suggest at Blue Ridge Truck & Auto in Cloverdale, Virginia to improve your mileage and savings.

Tire Pressure

In the summer your tires make contact with the hot asphalt roads and rise in temperature. Because higher temperatures increase pressure, your tires will be at higher pressure during the summer. Tires that are overinflated have worse traction, reduced performance, and shortened lifespans. Keeping your tires properly inflated for the right pressure will save you money on mileage. When you are reinflating your tires you should stay close to the preferred measurement of your car and tire model. Some people like to put in extra inflation to last a while, but during summer this is overcompensated by the heat. Try to stay closer to the exact measurement and pay attention to the pressure.

Air Conditioning

Your car’s A/C is also an important auto repair component. The more power it uses, the harder your car has to work and the more fuel it uses. It isn’t suggested to never use the A/C during the summer because during the summer it can get humid and promote mold growth, so keeping your A/C from becoming too humid by running it every so often can save you some trouble. However, you can also optimize your usage of it. Parking in the shade and even cracking the windows slightly to air it out so you don’t need the A/C as soon as you get in the car will help you conserve fuel.

Drive Conservatively

This tip doesn’t just apply to summer driving, but often summer can cause you to feel more free and therefore drive a bit more recklessly. Driving more aggressively will put more wear and tear on your automobile’s brakes requiring repairs sooner and costing more over time. Accelerating and decelerating as little as possible will conserve fuel. Coasting once you hit the speed limit on long stretches and laying off the gas when you see a red light ahead can save your car’s resources. They may not seem like much, but these changes in behavior can add up a lot over time.

If you need auto repairs to get ready for the summer season, come to Blue Ridge Truck & Auto in Cloverdale, Virginia. Your summer can be free and mobile if you follow these gas conservation methods. Call us at 540-579-5896 to learn more about our services!