What is Limp Mode?

Limp Mode and How Your Car Responds to It

If Your Car Starts to Stall

If your car has entered Limp Mode you need to react immediately and get to an Auto Repair shop to diagnose the problem. If you aren’t sure why your car has begun to shut down, it may be that it has entered the Limp Mode. What exactly it a Limp Mode and steps to take are detailed below.

What Is Limp Mode?

Limp is an accurate term to describe what happens to your car, because it’s similar to the idea when you get injured, you limp to prevent overworking your injury. This is the same for your car. Your car will shut off some of the unnecessary components like the A/C and reduce its maximum speed, so that whatever the issue is, it doesn’t become worse. Unfortunately, your car’s problems make their presence known while you’re already on the road. So this will give you time to “limp” home or to an Auto Repair Shop to get the problem fixed.

The limp mode may be caused by the brakes becoming faulty, oil levels dropping below its minimum, sensors failing, or the transmission stops working properly. If you run your car too long or too fast while you’re low on oil or faulty brakes you could be not only risking your car’s life – but yours too. At lower speeds, there is less chance that your brakes could fail when you need them, and automatically turning off other components can conserve energy to keep your more essential components running.

Limp Mode – Now What?

If your check engine light goes on and your car enters limp mode it is essential to get it repaired immediately. You may think driving slowly to your Auto Repair Shop is an inconvenience, but it’s your car’s safety feature to prevent further damage. Even though your problem may only be in the wiring or needing an oil change, it’s always better to be safe – than sorry. The limp mode helps to prevent further damage, so take caution when your limp mode feature turns on.

If you are unsure of what the problem may be, don’t drive on it until you can get to an Auto Repair Shop. You can park somewhere nearby, that is safe, and have your car towed to a shop. This is suggested when you are certain that driving your car will cause detrimental damage, but usually your car should make it to a car shop.

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