Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Roanoke, VA

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Roanoke, Virginia, is known as the “Magic City,” but it might not seem so enchanting if you’re fighting with the steering wheel to keep your vehicle going straight every time you drive through town. The problem could be that your wheels are misaligned. Any of the following issues may signal the need for an alignment: the steering wheel does not return to center/is not centered; your vehicle’s handling feels loose; you notice greater than normal tire wear in particular spots; or your truck or car pulls to one side as you drive. If you’ve noticed these problems, don’t delay a visit to Blue Ridge Truck & Auto. Located at 1275 Rhodes Avenue NE, our ASE certified technicians are available to serve you Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Call us at (540) 982-7512, use our online scheduling button, or stop by to get any model truck or car back onto the straight and narrow path.

What Exactly Is A Wheel Alignment?

So you need a wheel alignment. But what is it? When your vehicle needs aligning, our experts will proceed according to the type of truck or car you drive. All-wheel drive vehicles or those with front-wheel drive and adjustable rear suspensions need to have all four wheels aligned, while others typically need only a front-end alignment. (In some cases, the rear wheels will also need to be adjusted in relation to the car's center through a thrust-angle alignment.) Regardless of the type, alignment is a process of squaring the wheels and axles so that the moving parts are similarly oriented. Our technicians will adjust the major suspension angles, including camber, caster, toe, and thrust. When viewed from the front of the vehicle, camber is the amount of tilt to the right or left. Caster is the slope of an imaginary line drawn through the upper and lower ball joints that impacts steering. Toe-in or out refers to the difference in distance between the front and back of the front tires, and thrust is the alignment of the front wheels to the rear axle. Proper alignment of these angles will ensure that your steering wheel is centered and your wheels move as intended.

Proper Alignment and Its Benefits

If your vehicle has been involved in a crash, or if you've hit more than your share of potholes, you probably need to have your wheels aligned. Many experts even recommend an alignment when you purchase a new set of tires. Proper alignment actually saves you more money than it costs because it extends the life of your tires, prevents more expensive repairs, and improves fuel efficiency. It also improves safety and helps you enjoy a smoother ride. Let Blue Ridge Truck & Auto in Roanoke, Virginia, assist you with your alignment needs for any make or model vehicle.