Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Avoiding Costly Repairs by Maintaining Your Car

Cloverdale. Even the name of our town sounds beautiful! Located in close proximity to Roanoke in Botetourt County and the Blue Ridge Mountains, our town is indeed in a lovely area. Going out for a drive or even making the short commute to work is a nice ride, but everyone knows that continual mountain driving can be hard on your car. To minimize costly repairs, you should be sure to have routine maintenance services performed on your auto. Blue Ridge Truck & Auto is your hometown helper. We can assist you with all your vehicle service needs and help you save money by avoiding untimely breakdowns and repairs.

What You Can Do As A Car Owner

Although you have to spend a little money upfront to keep your car well maintained, you will save more than you spend if you make a habit of taking care of your vehicle. Why? Finding and correcting issues early usually prevents them from becoming larger problems that are more expensive to repair. Also, preventive measures decrease the likelihood that you will be stranded with a breakdown.

Routine Oil Changes Are Crucial

One simple but critically important service is an oil change. Old dirty oil is bad for your car or truck. Oil’s purpose is to lubricate the moving engine parts, absorb heat and remove it from the engine, and suspend the dirt and debris that cause corrosive damage to metal parts. Over time, the oil loses its ability to function as intended. Also, it can lead to engine sludge formation, which in extreme cases, can cause the engine to seize.

Replenish Fluids

Fluids (power steering, brake, antifreeze/coolant) need monitoring and topping off periodically, as well, to prevent damage and/or danger.

Tire Wear And Care

You should keep a watch on your tires to ensure proper inflation and depth of tread. Occasionally, they will need rotating and balancing. Further, if your vehicle has been in an accident, you’ve hit some road hazards (major potholes or bumps), or you experience tire wear or steering issues, your car may need a wheel alignment to prevent excessive tire wear or additional damage over time.

Alternative Notables

Other components to maintain and/or replace–although not frequently–are air filters (passenger cabin and engine), battery, belts, hoses, and spark plugs.

We’re Here To Help

Nobody wants to be left beside the road by an unreliable vehicle, and we all hope to avoid major repair bills. The best way to avoid both is to commit to a preventive maintenance routine. Since most people don’t have the time, know-how, or equipment to take care of all necessary services, the most sensible way to maintain your ride is to find a reputable local shop to assist you. Cloverdale’s Blue Ridge Truck & Auto is that shop. We look forward to helping you maintain your car so that it runs well, saving you trouble and money over time.