The What and Why: Your Car Won’t Start

You Know What

Unfortunately, you know “what.” Your car won’t start. What an aggravating problem! Worse, this issue could leave you stranded in an uncomfortable, dangerous situation. However, if you’re in the Cloverdale, Virginia, area, the ASE-certified Blue Ridge Truck and Auto technicians can help. Since 1983, we’ve been offering reliable auto repair alongside exceptional customer service.

Do You Know Why?

The problem of your vehicle failing to start is obvious, but do you know the underlying cause? While our experienced mechanics will need to check your automobile to diagnose the issue properly, we’re glad to share the most common reasons for your transportation trouble. One potential problem is a lack of fuel. We’ve all forgotten something before–even something important. If your auto doesn’t start, glance at the gas gauge to see if you’ve run out. Also, your car might have a dead battery. Something could have been left on that drained the reserve power, or the battery may have gone bad. In either case, if there’s no charge on the battery, your auto will lack the power it needs for ignition. As odd as it sounds, a locked steering wheel could also prevent your vehicle from starting. There’s a locking mechanism that’s designed to prevent thefts and accidents. It locks the steering in place in the absence of the key. Sometimes it will remain in the locked position even after you insert the key. If you suspect this issue, you can often remedy it by applying a little pressure to the steering wheel to move it to the left or right. Furthermore, your car could have a failing fuel pump. If the engine can’t get the fuel it needs, combustion and start-up cannot occur. An ailing starter could be the culprit, too. It uses power from the battery, spinning fast enough to start the vehicle. If it drags, its motion isn’t quick enough to start the car. Finally, your transportation could have a poorly functioning alternator. It takes the energy from the car’s operation, converts it, and stores it in the battery for future use. If the alternator stops working properly, you’ll soon have a dead battery that can’t sustain starting over time.

Who to Count On

Regardless of the reason your vehicle won’t start or even the make or model you drive, the staff at Blue Ridge Truck and Auto is here for you. What’s more, we back the repairs we make with a 24-month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty as part of our TechNet affiliation. As long as you know who to count on when you encounter the dreaded “what,” you’ve won the battle because our shop will handle the auto repair “why.”